Tired of Ignorance

I now know who is behind the riots and looting and it isn’t hate groups.  (Well…it’s actually a guess but w/e.  I say it’s the Commies b/c in the past, Commies were known for causing riots).

You know how Commies work?  Let me tell you how.

RT right now is saying they hate what’s going on in Gaza.  So is China.   This is how they work- RT talks about Gaza yet Communists are causing the big tensions over there.  China condemns Ferguson’s police yet Commies are behind most of the tension there. This is called psychological warfare.  They cause problems(racism, sexism; inequality) to get worse.  Commies are in the police force, in the crowds…I don’t know if the whole police force is Commie but at least some have to be. That is how they work.  They ‘infiltrate’.  They take advantage of a bad situation.  It is a freakin’ strategy.

Their goal is to get the masses to distrust in ‘the system’.  They throw out slogans like “the police of America are corrupt” and lure you in like fish.  Then, they talk about socialism being a remedy for ‘corrupt police’.  Irk by irk they tempt you to want more socialism, and as more socialism goes into this country, they spread their propaganda ”America is this, America is that.  America has flaws here, and there.  America was never the land of the free.  America is not good for you.  Democracy is not real.  It doesn’t exist.  Let us give you freedom.  Join the revolution.  Communism is the way.’ This deception is what people call brainwashing ( It starts in schools and will go on to churches/mosques/synagogues/etc and even gov’t…it’s a step by step process and guess what?  It’s been going on for a long time.)  And of course, then they take away the Bill of Rights.  I KID YOU NOT. 


Question 22. Do Communists reject existing religions?

Answer: All religions which have existed hitherto were expressions of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is that stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and supersedes them.

This is true Communism.

I now know where those atheists who say “religious people are inferior to science-based people” come from. 

Commies believe in equality? Yeah right.

Communists are gonna hate me. 

And….Communists are after any religion.  We need to have our countries investigate this party, bad.  This happened in the past but they’re the same party today.

I understand why you did the gov’t shutdown Ted Cruz…it was crazy, tho.

"Truth is, the primary goal of tea party politicians is not to shrink the government, but to use it to transfer taxpayer wealth to rich Republicans. And there is no bigger welfare-for-the-rich program than federal farm subsidies, which have been paying out $20 billion a year to some of the richest—and predominantly Republican-affiliated—people in the country.” - Communist thinking.  Even if it’s true, it’s a lure.  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/tea_party_socialism_20101005

The campaign to defeat the tea party takes place 24/7 and we’re involved.  https://www.facebook.com/cpusa  IT IS REAL.

130th birthday of comrade Stalin Hello comrades all over the world The Comintern sents world revolutionary greetings and congratulations on occasion of the 130th Birthday of comrade Stalin!
Stalin murdered so many people….  READ THIS—- http://ciml.250x.com/index1.html

"Also, may I wish you even more successes in your Editorial work as Editor of NSC and in your political struggle for peace and the struggle against capitalism and, above all, for the resurrection of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!"  OH MY GOD.  THAT IS THE USSR.

Communists exploit people’s suffering

Did you know this was Communist?  I didn’t.  Be honest, did you know?

Photo Actually, I knew about this first one.

Photo: Job Creator?! I got your Job Creator right here.

Photo: http://www.andysinger.com/

Photo: In 1924, 1928, and 1932, the Communist Party of the United States of American ran candidates for the offices of  President and Vice President.  In all three campaigns, William Z. Foster was the Party's candidate for President.    This is a campaign poster from one of those efforts.     Reference:    http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/214649/William-Z-Foster

Photo: Shared from End U.S. Wars and Occupations. Photo: Shared from Anti-Republican Crusaders.

Shared from Current. 

Photo: I needed a how to use uterus sign and here it is...

It’s not Socialist.  It’s Communist, comrade.



Oh my goodness…this is freakin’ insane.  I am a firm believer that Zionists are behind Egypt and Ferguson. This shows quotes from Jews for and against Zionism….DO NOT TRUST RT…PLEASE DON’T.  I believe they are the enemy.  Zionists are Commies…I guess I’ll search for more evidence…

YOU MUST WATCH LEONARD PATTERN’S VIDEO.  And please, take into account that Zionist citizens are CLUELESS.


Debbie A. Bell, Chairperson

to a new era of fighting back against a President who is determined to conquer the world and where legislation to curtail individual, labor and human rights is a daily news from Congress.

They hate Obama so badly. 
The struggles for the immediate demands and reforms needed by working people today are essential steps toward our ultimate goals of the revolutionary transformation of society and the economy, toward socialism and then communism.