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ABOUT SWAZILAND- “In 2002, hundreds of thousands of Swazis faced starvation. Two years of drought as well as bad planning and poor agricultural practices were blamed for the crisis. The government came under criticism for buying the king a $50-million luxury jet—a quarter of the national budget—while famine loomed. In 2002, the country’s judges resigned en masse in protest of the government’s refusal to comply with court decisions. In April 2003, the government information minister announced that the media were banned from making negative remarks about the government—criticism of the king’s new luxury jet in particular would not be tolerated. In 2004, a third year of drought befell the country. International donor agencies and human rights groups condemned the king’s plans to build new multimillion-dollar palaces for each of his 11 wives (12 by 2005) while his people faced starvation and the country’s AIDS epidemic spiraled out of control. About 30% of the population is infected.

Although the king signed the country’s first constitution in Aug. 2005, the document essentially maintains the status quo: opposition parties remain banned and the king retains ultimate power.”  http://www.infoplease.com/country/swaziland.html

I was wondering why I saw people holding signs about Swaziland wanting Democracy on Google images…

*Info: Swazi and Zulu people are part of the same group. http://kruger2canyons.com/learningcentre/kruger_people_nguni.php

Demonic racists…

Photo: We are half way to our May fundraising goal of $20,000!  Our #Lakota children have always been sacred to us. Help us bring them home! #OurChildrenAreSacred    WATCH and SHARE the video: www.LakotaLaw.org/Life This sounds just like the schools that are infamous in Australia’s history when it comes to aboriginal kids (the Stolen Generation)…there should be an investigation into these schools…they better not be like those accursed schools… http://www.nsdc.org.au/stolen-generations/history-of-the-stolen-generations/the-history-of-the-stolen-generations

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